Kramer Kozek LLP

I have been working as a matrimonial paralegal for seven years. In the beginning, I used quite a few process servers. A colleague suggested I call Inter County for a job and I never used anyone else since. Daniela and Ellen are professional, knowledgeable, responsive, and an overall pleasure to deal with. I know I can always count on their team to get the job done!

Farber, Pappalardo & Carbonari

Our office has utilized Inter County Judicial for many years for all of our service needs. Their staff is always professional and reliable. Inter County Judicial works tirelessly to accommodate and provide outstanding service on all of our requests, including those requests submitted with very short notice and tight time constraints. Inter County Judicial staff is always available to answer our questions and does a fantastic job in providing status updates on each case.

Barry Nesson Law, P.C.

We utilize J&E Process for our process service needs. It is always a pleasure to work with their team. They are always accessible, flexible and perform process service in a timely manner. If a service is a problem, they will communicate the issue right away.

Kirschenbaum, Phillips & Levy, P.C.

Our firm specializes in collection law and handles a large volume of accounts which are regularly referred to us with the intention that they be litigated. In that regard, we commence a significant number of lawsuits and require the services of competent process servers. We have been fortunate to have established, approximately 15 years ago, a relationship with J&E Process. They have provided us with excellent service and reliability. We are impressed with their professionalism, their attention to detail and ability to keep up with changes in law and court processes. We look forward to a long and continued relationship with J&E Process.

Stephen P. Dewey, Esq.

As a former process server of 14 years, I can attest to the professionalism of J&E Process. Their staff is always accessible and ensures that proper and timely service is always provided. Their servers are well prepared and able to testify at Traverse hearings if ever needed. In fact, in one matter, our server was able to credibly present the GPS Photo confirmation of each attempt he made. This wasn’t even required by statute; however, it made for a successful outcome. After the second photograph was presented, the Judge immediately claimed proper service without further testimony. It is of great importance that they use this technology both within and outside the NYC area, and you can always be confident that service is completed correctly. This company will also go beyond simple service of process and filing, giving you advance notifications of service by email confirmation if you desire. I strongly recommend using J&E Process for your process needs.

Sharinn & Lipshie, P.C.

Over the years we have only experienced a professional culture from J&E Process. Our firm’s mantra is to collect the debt, with sensitivity, and display empathy for the distressed consumer. J&E Process has always displayed respect to our consumer defendants, the court system, and the legal process. We have not had any issues with non-compliance as they adhere to all federal, state, municipality laws, statutes, ordinances, and regulations at all times. Our paralegals, lawyers, and support staff enjoy working with them, and J&E Process staff expresses nothing but professionalism and respect for our firm and our employees. As a result of knowing Ellen Eakley, I can assure you that she is a person of remarkable professionalism, integrity, reliability, respectfulness, and conscientiousness. I have a great deal of trust without reservation to recommend J&E Process and Ellen Eakley.

David J. Sobel, P.C.

Inter County and its knowledgeable staff have taken the stress out of service of process whether it be a Summons & Complaint, Subpoena or an Order to Show Cause. Larry Yellon is just a wealth of knowledge regarding the various methods of service and the associated nuances. I’ve been working with Inter County over 25 years and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Inter County to an attorney who needs a top notch service provider.

A Better Process

I use Inter County Judicial for all of my serves in the New York area. Not only do they serve papers in a timely manner but they give status without my having to ask for updates. They are always available when I call and always go the extra mile for our firm. I use over 950 servers outside of my state and I would say Inter County Judicial ranks in the top 5 as far as timelines, quality of service and receipt of affidavit. They are very professional and get the job done faster than any other server in the New York area.

Russo, Karl, Widmaier & Cordano PLLC

Our firm has been using Inter County Judicial Services for nearly 20 years. We highly recommend them for their efficiency, professionalism, and knowledge of court rules. They address all of our questions and keep us updated on the status of our service requests. They tailor their services to meet our firm’s special needs, and not only take care of all of our local service needs, but have proven to be an invaluable resource in helping us serve Subpoenas throughout the country. Inter County is knowledgeable, dependable and efficient, and their staff is always helpful and pleasant to work with. Most importantly, they will go the extra mile to get the job done!

The Law Offices of Stuart D. Markowitz, P.C.

Our office has worked with Inter County for over ten (10) years. Inter County has provided excellent support to our office. The staff is very qualified and helpful. They go above and beyond to answer any and all questions. Their pickups and deliveries are always timely. The staff is very detailed oriented and a pleasure to work with. We would highly recommend Inter County.