Stephen P. Dewey, Esq.

As a former process server of 14 years, I can attest to the professionalism of J&E Process. Their staff is always accessible and ensures that proper and timely service is always provided. Their servers are well prepared and able to testify at Traverse hearings if ever needed. In fact, in one matter, our server was able to credibly present the GPS Photo confirmation of each attempt he made. This wasn’t even required by statute; however, it made for a successful outcome. After the second photograph was presented, the Judge immediately claimed proper service without further testimony. It is of great importance that they use this technology both within and outside the NYC area, and you can always be confident that service is completed correctly. This company will also go beyond simple service of process and filing, giving you advance notifications of service by email confirmation if you desire. I strongly recommend using J&E Process for your process needs.