I Have Papers to Serve. Why Use a Process Server?

Not all services are the same, and not all process servers are equal. Many variables determine how a service must be completed:
» The nature of papers being served
» The type of defendant being served (e.g., person, corporation)
» The location of service
» The origin of the court

The evolution of the service of process has been molded over the last few centuries, not only by federal, state, and local legislatures but also through case law passed down from decision to decision. The variables listed above represent a sampling of the criteria a process server needs to know in order to determine how a service must be completed. Each service brings its own unique set of challenges that must be analyzed by an experienced and knowledgeable professional who can properly identify the possible pitfalls and plan accordingly to ensure proper service.

“If the jurisdiction of service is challenged and a service of process is overturned, your legal action is at risk of being thrown out!”

Many inexperienced process servers are not aware of the risks involved with service of process. Their ignorance of the law can directly jeopardize not only the service but the client’s legal action as well. So who you use to serve is as important as what you are serving.

Whether you’re an attorney, a process-serving company or an individual acting on your own behalf, IJS makes the process easy for you. Your documents will be handled by an experienced and knowledgeable staff member. Each service is reviewed by our industry-leading compliance team to make sure all requirements are met. Our professional and courteous team members will keep you updated so you will always know the status of your service. Alternatively, you can sign onto our easy-to-navigate client portal, which will allow you to check status and review copies of your affidavits of service. Another option is for us to email you once your papers are completed. You will receive an automated email advising you of the time and date your papers were served, along with other pertinent information relating to your service.

IJS is very proud of its reputation, and we take each service as an opportunity to enhance it.