Service of Process: The Who, What, Where and How of Legal Process


With over 4o years of experience in process serving, Inter County Judicial Services (IJS) has seen it all. Whether it is a celebrity, a politician or an ex trying not to pay child support, IJS has served them all.


Whether your service is a summons and complaint, a landlord tenant proceeding, a federal subpoena or a family action, IJS can help.

Each document has its own rules and regulations regarding how process should be made, and IJS is recognized as the expert on the correct method of serving all types of documents.

We provide services involving federal, state, civil, criminal and family court matters, and all services are reviewed by our compliance department, ensuring that they adhere to federal, state and local laws, as applicable . . . especially the strict rule regulations of New York City. IJS contracts with licensed and experienced servers to assure timely delivery of our clients’ important documents. 


Due to the strategic locations of IJS branch offices, our service area ranges from the tip of Orient Point to the heart of the Adirondacks. This gives IJS an unprecedented logistical advantage over our competition to handle any deadline. For more than four decades, IJS has nurtured a strong affiliate base across all 50 states. Our strong relationships with those affiliates allows us to provide outstanding service at a great value, which benefits our clients in many ways.


Whether we have 90 days or 90 minutes to serve a paper, and whether the service needs to be placed personal in hand or on a corporation, IJS has the experience, knowledge and ability to get it served the right way. Because of the strategic location of our branch offices, we can meet any deadline. 


The list of rules and laws governing New York process service is long, and consequently, it can be very confusing. It is one thing to get a paper served, but it’s quite another to get it served right! IJS not only has nearly 50 years of experience in the process-serving profession, but we literally teach the class on it. Members of our executive staff have taught at seminars, law schools, colleges and CLE courses. So, if you’re not sure how a paper should be served, don’t worry . . . we do.