Skip Tracing, DMV, Postals

Skip Tracing

Can’t find who you’re looking for? Not sure what next steps to take? The art of skip tracing is a method of locating an individual when documents need to be served. Inter County Judicial Services (IJS) utilizes skip tracing by collecting as much information as possible about the person, then analyzing, reducing and verifying that information to locate him/her.

IJS employs a trained, experienced staff that has — at its fingertips — the latest technology in skip tracing. Our experienced team has access to hundreds of public records, and can easily and quickly locate an individual in minutes. Skip tracing is just one more tool that IJS uses to provide our customers with timely and professional service. No matter how challenging the locate, IJS will do whatever it takes to find who you’re looking for and to get your papers served.

DMV Search

Making sure you have completed your proper due diligence is imperative for conspicuous service. The only proper way to do that is with a Department of Motor Vehicle search. IJS does the proper skip tracing to verify all the information prior to the search, saving our clients both time and money.

Postal Search

Finding out whether a party receives mail at a certain address is an important part of the process of document service. IJS possesses this capability and offers postal searches as another service to our valued clients in order to expedite the process.